Alpine Spe-6090 Speakers Review

The reason why I choose to upgrade my factory speaker with an aftermarket pair is the fact that I wasn’t happy with my stock ones. The sound quality wasn’t the best and I wanted to upgrade my audio system entirely. I wanted to buy a speaker that has great quality but I was on a budget so I did not want to spend a lot of money. After researching for the best 6×9 car speakers under 100 I found Alpine SPE-6090 speakers and everything became clear to me. I checked some reviews and I noticed that everyone only had good things to say about them. I had some speakers from Alpine some years ago and so I knew that Alpine makes high-quality products. They had all my requirements and so I decided to buy them.

This pair of speakers is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to have a great pair of speakers in their car
  • Wants the best sound quality
  • Wants to upgrade old speakers
  • Wants a pair of full-range speakers
  • Wants high-quality at great price
  • Has a car with 6×9 speakers installed

The Alpine SPE-6090 is pair of Type-R speakers at a reasonable price.  The SPE-6090 is a pair of full-range speakers that have awesome performance.  These have a design that’s been specially developed to boost the sound quality.

Peak Power and RMS

The SPE-6090 speakers have an RMS power of 100 watts per speaker and a peak power handling of 300 watts for each speaker. These can be used with the factory audio player the car comes with and they will produce high sound quality.  If you want more power you can connect them to an amplifier.

High Amplitude Multi-Roll

The Alpine SPE-6090 speakers feature the HAMR Surround ( High Amplitude Multi-Roll ) technology which is developed by Alpine for most of their subwoofers.  Other speakers when you turn the volume too high levels the suspension system becomes unstable and starts to distort the sound. With the HAMR Surround, you can be sure it’s not the case here.

Easy Installation

A full range speaker is generally easier to install than a component speaker. This can be installed by yourself without any difficulty. Because these are constructed from an HD polymer frame the Alpine SPE-6090 are easy to install and plus that frame gives many advantages over steel frames. It makes the speaker lighter, stronger and even sturdier than other speakers.


Unlike other speakers the SPE-6090 uses a smaller Neodymium Magnet, this makes the speaker more compact than other speakers and gives a better performance, higher quality, lighter weight and makes them compatible with the majority of vehicles.  These will be compatible with vehicles that have 6×9 speakers installed but to be sure you need to your vehicle is compatible.

Type R speakers

Alpine is a giant in the car audio system speakers.  They have always made high-quality speakers with great design and a superior technology compared to other speakers but the Alpine SPE-6090 speakers are type R which is the newest series lines of the speaker. These Type R speakers have incorporated all of the Alpine technologies and upgraded them to the next level.

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