How often should you upgrade your car speakers?

Any car owner wants to have the best sound system installed in their car. The foundation of any sound system is a set of high-quality speakers. I heard a lot this question: How often should you upgrade your car speakers? This article will explain and provide some answers regarding speaker upgrades.

How often do the car speakers need to be replaced?

Frankly, there is no real answer to this question.  However, you should take into consideration the condition of your speakers and the fact that audio technology has evolved when you want to replace your current speakers. Below we have some recommendations.

When speakers break down

This is probably the most common reason why people decide to replace their car speakers. This is the best choice when your speakers fail. Car speakers manufacturers guarantee their products for some years, but eventually, with time, they will break down. When a speaker starts to break it will produce poor sound –quality.

Other speakers are available

When you found some speakers better than what you have installed in your car it’s a good idea to buy them. The car audio technology is evolving rapidly and your current speakers may not be as good as others that appear on the market.  If you find better speakers than yours and you have the money to buy them, you should make the upgrade. Read which are the top-rated 6.5 car speakers

From time to time

The car audio technology is similar to what came 3-4 years ago but today’s modern speakers are able to optimize digitalized sound. Also, some speakers are capable of producing better sound across ranges while occupying less space.  I think the best period for upgrading your speakers is every 4-6 years that will keep your sound system up to date.


Many users replace their speakers every 1-2 years but people with limited budgets may not be the best option.  However, if you have the money you should replace your speakers every 1-2 years.

How to know if your speakers need to be replaced

There is no rule when you should replace your speakers and it’s up to the car owner. The most important sign that you need to make an upgrade is when your speakers start to slip in the performance.

Unusual noises start to hear

A sign that your speakers are starting to break is the fact that it starts to produce unusual sounds. When you hear this it’s a sign that your speakers need to be replaced.

Sound Distortion

When your sound starts to be distorted it means that your speakers are ready to be replaced.  When you hear alterations in your favorite songs then it means that your system is having problems.

Sound range is affected

Speakers are designed to work within some frequencies. When those frequencies get compromised it’s a fact that there is something happening with your speakers. One way to test if there are any distortions in your sound is to adjust the bass or the treble.

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