Pioneer TS-A1670F A Series 6 . 5″ 320 Watts Max 3-Way Car Speakers

When it comes to sound quality you need the best 6.5 speakers but it’s not always easy, because most people don’t know where to begin. Most of the users think that a speaker is all about the bass but if you want that clear sound in your car you need a great sounding speaker. Luckily Pioneer is here to help you with their A-series coaxial speakers that are not just easy to install but these have a great price too. It this article we will do a short review for the Pioneer TS-A1670F.

This is a coaxial speaker and is the most commonly used type of speakers on the market.  Most vehicles come equipped with stock factory speakers that don’t sound that great. You want great sound in your car and a speaker that isn’t that expensive. You can mount these in the rear deck or behind the factory grille. The Pioneer TS-A1670F is protected by a mesh grille inside a polyurethane frame which makes it both durable and gives it an awesome look.

It comes equipped with an IMPP Woofer which is a carbon and mica enforced injection molded polypropylene woofer cone. These are 3-way speakers and are made from a woofer, a tweeter, and mid-range.  The Pioneer TS-A1670F comes equipped with multi-fit adaptors. This makes the installation easy. 

When searching for a quality speaker system that doesn’t require buying components separately, a coaxial speaker is the best choice. When it comes to coaxial speakers Pioneer has a wide range of great quality speakers that you can choose from.  The Pioneer TS-A1670F is great for replacing your stock speakers.

Installing these is super easy, like most of the coaxial speakers all the components are combined into one component. This makes it easy even for a newbie. These speakers have a 320 Watts power peak which is extremely impressive for their price. One thing that I don’t like it’s the fact that at high volume levels the sound quality doesn’t sound that good, but you can buy an amplifier and it’s all good. If you’re on a budget and want to buy a good pair of car speakers the Pioneer TS-A1670F is a perfect choice.

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