Top 3 best focal car speakers reviews 2019

Listening to music at home is great but if you leave for work and want great music in your car you will need a pair of car speakers that deliver great music.  A great pair of car speakers can enhance your car and create a theater-quality sound.  But with so many models of speakers to choose from, it can be a challenge to find your ideal car speakers.  Technology has improved over the years and so the performance and efficiency of car speakers. Choosing a speaker that has clean sound is not enough you should take into consideration other aspects when choosing the best car speakers for bass and sound quality. Some aspects to look at are sensitivity rating, power handling, frequency response.

Having a focal speaker installed will ensure that you have great audio experience in your car every time you drive.  Everyone today wants the best sound when listening to music and every person wants the best sounding speakers for their vehicle.  A focal speaker will enhance your car with powerful bass.

Don’t know which focal car speakers to buy? Continue reading this article to see which are the best focal car speakers on the market.

Focal Performance PS 165

The first focal speaker in our list is the Focal Performance PS165 which is also a 6.5 component speaker system. The Focal Performance Series are designed to be the perfect replacement for factory speakers.  These have a great built quality and deliver awesome performance.

These 6.5 component speakers have rigid polyglass woofer cones for rich and accurate sound. The polyglass cones are created by applying molten glass micro balls on the cellulose pulp.  These are protected by a butyl rubber surround which is resistant to UV rays, extreme temperature, and humidity.

The aluminum inverted dome tweeters will make your highs go crazy.  The tweeters feature a built-in bullet-shaped phase plug and waveguide. The Focal Performance PS 165 speakers make use of a crossover network that it’s made from two separate pieces.

These have an RMS power of 80 watts and a sensitivity rating of 92.5 dB. It doesn’t matter if you power these with an external amp or your car factory head unit your audio performance will be outstanding.

Focal Access 165CA1 SG

The Focal Access 165CA1 SG speakers are some of the best 6.5 coaxial speakers from Focal. These 6.5 speakers with good bass have woven glass-fiber woofer cones that deliver accurate mid-bass sounds. These are protected by a butyl rubber surround.

These deliver outstanding performance thanks to the lightweight frame that offers enough open space for the cone movement.  These have patented inverted dome tweeters that act like miniature woofer cones.

Additionally, the speakers’ built-in crossover ensures a seamless distribution of frequencies to the woofers and tweeters, for an extremely natural sound. The inverted dome doesn’t affect the tweeter’s voice coil. This design helps the high frequencies to be projected evenly in the car. You can point the tweeters towards you for a better sound imaging.

Focal K2 Power 165 KR2

If you are willing to spend some serious cash you can get the Focal K2 Power 165 KRX2 which happens to be the most expensive speakers from Focal. Read further to see if they are worth it.

These K2 Power 165KX2 6.5 component speaker systems are designed with ‘’Power Hi-Fi’’ philosophy. The cones are constructed from a composite with a foam core, a structural glass fiber bottom layer, and a Kevlar top layer.  This combination makes the cone lightweight and helps to deliver some outstanding characteristics. This woofer cone will easily deliver your desired bass.

For long-lasting performance, these woofer cones are bonded to durable butyl rubber surround that’s resistant to ultraviolet rays, heat, and humidity.

Additionally, these speakers are featured with Focal’s 2″ inverted dome tweeters which act like little woofers, dispersing the highs in a wide pattern, and thereby creating an exceptionally dynamic soundstage.

To ensure high definition and dynamic sound quality, the crossover that these Focal speakers feature three levels of tweeter control, a tweeter “slope softening” selector, and two levels of midrange control so you can dial in the sound to your car’s environment. The woofer cones are protected by a durable butyl rubber surround that is resistant to ultraviolet rays, heat, and humidity. Focal has inverted dome tweeters that act like miniature woofers. For dynamic sound quality, the crossover of these speakers has three levels for tweeter control, two levels of midrange control and a ‘’slope softening’’ selector. The Focal K2 Power 165KX2  has an RMS power of 120 watts and a sensitivity rating of 93 dB.

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