Top 6 best 4-inch car speakers reviews 2019

When you decide to buy a 4-inch car speaker for your car it’s a bit difficult because there are so many brands, shapes, and designs on the market to choose from.  You only want the best 4-inch car speakers with good bass right? So why does it have to be so complicated to find one? Well in this article we tried to make a list of the best 4-inch car speakers that the market has to offer now.  So sit back, relax and read this article because you will find some quality speakers to choose from.

Best 4-inch car speakers reviews

Pioneer TS-A1072R

The Pioneer TS-A1072R is a great 4-inch car speaker from Pioneer another great brand recognized around the world.

Pioneer has some great car audio components at great prices. The TS-A series from Pioneer are popular in this market because of their great sound quality at affordable prices.

These speakers are equipped with the lightweight IMPP cones which reduce the mid to low distortion.  The cones have aramid fibers for great strength and durability for powerful bass. The 3/8’’ dome tweeters deliver accurate highs. These speakers have the highest sensitivity rating of 90 dB and can handle an RMS power of 20 watts.  This is a serious power from small speakers.

Rockford Fosgate Punch P142

The Punch series from Rockford Fosgate is popular because it’s built with quality in mind and the Punch P142 is no stranger and has so much positive feedback.

This a powerful set of speakers that is capable of handling a max power of 60 watts and an RMS power of 30 watts and a sensitivity rating of 86.5 dB.

These 2-way speakers have an awesome design and are built to add a new breath in your car stereo.  These aftermarket speakers have mineral-filled polypropylene woofers that are supported by butyl rubber surround.  The Vertical Attach Surround Technique attaches the sound to the cone for a 25% more cone area. One thing that most people won’t like about the P142 car speakers is the fact that these have a narrow frequency range. Most 4-inch car speakers can reach 45 Hz but these speakers can reach only 100 Hz.

Alpine Type-S SPS-410

The best 4-inch car speakers from Alpine are the SPS-410 speakers a top-quality brand. Some people say that Alpine has the best car speakers with good bass on the market.

They may have a higher price than the speakers reviewed here but the Alpine Type S SPS-410 speakers are more powerful.  These have an RMS power of 45 watts and a max power of 140 watts, these will sound great even with a factory head unit or you can choose to hook them to a quality amp.

The SPS-410 4 inch car speakers have mineral-fortified polypropylene woofer cones for a refined bass. These have resilient rubber surround for keeping the woofers centered for accurate cone movement. The ¾’’ silk dome tweeters produce warm highs notes. These best 4-inch car speakers from Alpine are great.

Kenwood KFC-1094P

The Kenwood KFC-1094PS is a great pair of car speakers from a top-notch company in the audio industry. Kenwood has many great quality products to choose from.

These are perfect for anyone that it’s on a budget and wants to upgrade their factory speakers.

The Kenwood KFC-1094PS is a 3way 4-inch car speaker.  2way car speakers have a woofer for the lows and a tweeter for the highs, a 3-way speaker has a sonic driver called midrange. These speakers have polypropylene woofer cones with a Diamond Array pattern for increased strength, improved bass response and minimum distortion. These have an RMS power of 35 watts and a sensitivity rating of 86 dB.

Kicker 41DSC44

Kicker is the most popular car speaker manufacturer on the market. They have some great sounding car speakers at some affordable prices.  The speakers from their DS series are perfect for replacing factory speakers.  For their price tag, these have a great sound output and also they have a thin profile that allows them to be mounted in most vehicles.

In our list, we introduced the Kicker 41DSC44 speakers these come with polypropylene woofers that are protected by ribbed polyester foam surround for a punchy bass. These are 2-way speakers and use PEI dome tweeters for the best clarity.

These have an RMS power of 30 watts which is good for their size.  The sensitivity rating is 88 dB which is perfect because if you pair these to factory radio the sound will be good.


One of the brands in the car audio industry that you can’t avoid is the JBL because this company has evolved so much in the audio industry that every product that is made is top-notch. The best 4-inch car speakers from JBL is the GTO429 thanks to their quality build.

The JBL GTO429 uses JBL’s Patented Plus One woofer cone technology which gives the speakers more cone area.  The quality highs are possible thanks to the feature edge-driven silk balanced dome tweeters.  These 4-inch car speakers have an RMS power of 35 watts and a sensitivity rating of 86dB.

These best 4-inch car speakers will sound awesome even If they are powered by a low powered stereo system or if you want more power you can connect them to an amplifier.

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