Which speaker is the best fit for my car?

You can improve the overall audio performance experience of the sound system if you equip your car with the best quality speakers.  But if you don’t know where to start selecting the right speakers for your car can be a difficult task. Most people want to upgrade car speakers because they want to have better sound quality.  It’s always a good idea that someone knows how a new sound system will benefit them before making the decision to purchase it. Some speakers consume a lot of power than others so in this case it’s always recommended to buy an amp.

Why to choose aftermarket over factory speakers?

In the audio mobile world the size of the car speakers it’s a very crucial thing. Before you make the decision to purchase your aftermarket speakers, you have to know some information like the measurements of the speakers and the size of the speakers.  Between aftermarket speakers and factory speakers, you can always find differences so figuring out the size of your car speakers can be tricky sometimes.

A Complete Car Audio System

Before you decide to buy and install your car audio system you have to understand how sound system components work.

  • Mid-Range Speakers- Some examples (Dome, Cone). These produce middle-frequency sound and these usually are second in size after tweeters.
  • Full-Range Speakers- These usually have a two-way speaker which have incorporated a tweeter and a woofer or a three-way speaker.
  • Tweeter Speaker- You can choose from different tweeter speakers like Piezo, Plasma, Horn, etc and are the smallest speakers in the audio system.
  • Amplifier- These can supplement your speakers and ca be mono, five-channel, two-channel, six-channel, multi-channel.
  • Capacitor-  These have different sizes from 0.5 farads to over 100 farads and they supply the energy of the car amplifiers.
  • Head Unit- Also known as the receiver or as a CD or DVD player, tape player, HD radio, etc.

What to consider while shopping for car speakers

If you like your receiver then it’s a good idea not to replace it when searching for new speakers.  However, if your factory speakers do not produce the right sound then it’s a good idea to search for an aftermarket head unit.

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